The Portuguese word Recheado means “stuffed”. Masala is an Indian word for a spicy mixed powder or paste. Fishes like mackerels or silver pomfrets are usually stuffed with the masala and shallow fried

Recheado masala paste is so versatile that can be used in different recipes, hence is a very useful masala for working women and housewives.
This masala paste can be used for stuffing fish, vegetables, frying chicken, frying fish, paneer and making Recheado gravy.

There are many varieties of the Recheado masala paste preparation. I got this recipe from my father in law who used to be an amazing cook.

Preferably you have to cook this type of dish in a traditional way in a wood stove (Chula). But in apartments, there are restrictions using it so you can use the gas First, marinate the fish with Recheado masala paste. In an earthen pot, spread a banana leaf, spread some minced onions ginger garlic and green chillies. Place the marinated fish and again top it with the minced ingredients. Close the lid, place some charcoal on it and let it cook. The blend of the spices, the masala and the infused aroma of the charcoal smoke makes this dish remarkably tastier.



Shelf Life: 270 days from the date of processing;

Quantity: 300 Gm

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