Cafreal – This gorgeous green Goan Cafreal Masala or Paste has established a place of importance in Goan cuisine. However, it has over the years, borrowed from several cultures, both native and western.

It is suspected that the dish originated in the Portuguese colonies in Africa, most likely in Mozambique. “À Cafreal” means “in the way of the Cafres” and cafre was the designation of the inhabitants of Cafraria, the region of Southern Africa inhabited by non-Muslim peoples (compare English kafir). According to this hypothesis, the Cafreal chicken derives from the piri-piri chicken typical of those places. In many contexts and locations in the world, chicken piri-piri and chicken Cafreal designate the same dish, but in Goa they are two very different things, even in colour, usually, Cafreal paste is used to make Chicken Cafreal in Goa. However, you can also use it for vegetables like cauliflower, mushrooms, paneer or tofu, and even potatoes. There is no limit to how creative you can get with it.

This paste can be used for marinating and grilled on tawa or can be add to the gravy as well.

Shelf Life: 270 days from the date of processing;

Quantity: 300 Gm

MRP Rs. 240 inclusive of taxes

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